The Pokemon Company Hiring For New Mobile Game

The Pokemon Company Hiring For New Mobile Game

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The mobile market is an area that Nintendo has had increased interest in, thanks in large part to the major successes of the developer Niantic and its hit game, Pokemon Go. While other mobile games like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes may not have become massive hits like Pokemon Go, Nintendo doesn’t appear to be shying away from this market. With a Mario Kart game still on the way, it appears that The Pokemon Company is also planning another return to mobile devices.

A recently posted job listing on revealed that The Pokemon Company is looking to hire a new Principle Game Designer. What’s interesting about this post is the fact that it specifically mentions working with “a team of designers, engineers, artists, producers, and testers to create an upcoming mobile game.” The person would also ideally set the vision for the game, manage designers’ sprint tasks, define the future of the title, and even assist with the creation of the UI. Unfortunately, the listing doesn’t reveal much else in terms of what the game could be about.


While the main headquarters for The Pokemon Company is situated in Japan, this job listing is seeking someone for its Bellevue, Washington office. Based on that detail alone, it appears that whatever this new game might be, it’s being developed internally, rather than outsourced to a different developer like Niantic. Even without solid information, speculation has already begun on what this game could be, with some wondering if it’s not a game at all, but a companion app for the currently under-development Nintendo Switch Pokemon title that’s expected by many to launch later this year.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Go continues to be a mobile juggernaut, releasing new updates fairly often to keep players involved including recently adding the legendary Pokemon Palkia to raids. Outside of that, Nintendo has been fairly quiet in terms of what’s next. Games like Mario Kart Tour were revealed nearly a year ago, though not much else has been mentioned in the following months.