Cuphead Clones Have Already Arrived on Mobile

Cuphead Clones Have Already Arrived on Mobile

Cuphead has sold over 300,000 copies on PC and is likely just as big a success on Xbox One. The difficult retro run and gun is a bona fide hit, so it comes as very little surprise that other developers are trying to benefit from the game’s success.

It seems that several Cuphead clones have already been released on Android in an attempt to capitalize on the searches for the game. These clones include copycats like Cuphaed Adventure (that is the real spelling of the game’s name), Jump CupHead Jump!, and Cup Hero HeadGorilla VS Cuphead, a game that sees Cuphead escape from an angry gorilla in a car, seems to be the only one that doesn’t position itself as a direct port of the proper game.

All of the game descriptions highlight the “classic action” gameplay and the cartoon graphics, which are the two selling points of the real Cuphead. Though many of these clone descriptions are misspelled, jumbled, or make little to no sense. They’re all aimed directly at players who can’t access the real game on PC or Xbox One or just don’t feel like paying for the proper game.

Cuphead clones Android screenshot

The Cuphead clones also seem to have lured in many unsuspecting fans who just don’t realize that the game just isn’t available on Android in an official capacity. The reviews for all of these clones are one-star ratings, with one Cuphaed Adventure player writing “I thought it would actually be the game I was hoping to actually play for once”. One reviewer stresses that “this is clearly a parody/fake mock of the real game” and tells interested players exactly where to get the real deal and how much it costs.

Mobile clones are nothing new. Recently, a blatant Overwatch rip-off was released in China and gave players of the real Blizzard multiplayer shooter a good laugh. At the height of Flappy Bird‘s popularity, one-third of all new games released on iOS happened to be Flappy Bird clones, showing the extraordinary lengths that clone app developers will go to try and make money from unwitting fans.

In the case of Flappy Bird, Apple and Google acted quickly to crack down and put a stop to the scourge of clones. It seems likely that Google will soon step in to deal with the Cuphead clones on Android, but for now, Cuphead fans on mobile should keep their eyes open for these kinds of scams.

Cuphead is out now for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Destructoid

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