Metal Gear Survive Gameplay Demo Flooded with Dislikes

Metal Gear Survive Gameplay Demo Flooded with Dislikes

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Just two days after being posted to YouTube, the gameplay video for the Metal Gear Survive demo has received a flood of ‘dislikes’ and negative comments.

Lately, Konami has been having a bit of a fall from grace in the eyes of its customers. This is partly due to the way the company unceremoniously canceled the much anticipated Silent Hills and then, just as unceremoniously, fired legendary video game director Hideo Kojima soon after – going as far as banning Kojima from accepting an award for Metal Gear Solid 5.

Anger over Konami’s perceived mistreatment of Kojima hit a fever pitch when the company announced that it was still going to continue to release Metal Gear Solid games without Kojima’s involvement. The idea of a Metal Gear Solid title without Kojima rubbed many fans the wrong way, and when the company announced the upcoming Metal Gear Survive; many gamers criticized what appeared to be a huge departure from the stealth based gameplay that is a signature of the Metal Gear series.

Well it appears that this anger has not died down amongst those in the gaming community, as this past weekend a video of the gameplay demo for Metal Gear Survive at the Tokyo Game show was posted on YouTube, and the video has already racked up a huge number of dislikes. The footage, which shows around 15 minutes of co-op gameplay, already has nearly 20 ‘dislikes’ for every ‘like’ that it has received.


While it would be easy to say that this flood of negative reactions could be chalked up to overzealous Kojima loyalists, the comments on the video reveal genuine problems that viewers have with the gameplay.

One of the main issues that many seemed to have with the game can be summed up with a comment from user JetSetDex, “This looks like it could have been a DLC add on for MGS5 with the amount of effort they put in. This is just a bunch of recycled assets.” No matter how gamers feel about Konami or Metal Gear Survive, this criticism is sure to resonate with many consumers, as everything shown in the demo is clearly built using the same assets and engine that was utilized in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

This isn’t the first time that Konami has been criticized for its profit-centric moves. This same accusation was thrown at the company when it began producing Metal Gear Solid Pachinko machines and it appears that the publisher will have to face these criticisms once again.

A few months ago, Konami’s US social media manager stated his hope that Konami would be able to win back the good will of its fans, but with this latest news, it seems that hope is fading a bit more each day.

Metal Gear Survive will be released in 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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29 September 2017
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